At 07:32 PM 8/29/00 +0100, Steve Alexander wrote:
>To reproduce the error, do this:
>  Create a Folder with Customizer support
>  Give it a Customizer
>  Rename that Customizer
>  Press the "Customizers" tab in the folder
>Zope Error
>Error Type: AttributeError
>Error Value: __customizerRegistry__

What's happening is that the new manage_renameObjects (plural) function
doesn't have a masking method in PlugInGroup.  These masking methods serve
to alter the URL base used for the management tabs, so that a PlugInGroup's
management tabs will point to the parent PlugInContainer's methods, and not
to nonexistent methods of itself.  The resulting error is a harmless side
effect of this URL confusion; you can simply click your way back into the
right place and everything will work fine.

Meanwhile, I'm adding the following method to the PlugInGroup class for the
next release of ZPatterns:

    def manage_renameObjects(self, ids, new_ids, REQUEST=None):
        """Rename several sub-objects"""
        if REQUEST is not None:
            return self.manage_main(self, REQUEST, update_menu=1,

This should fix the problem, although I have not yet tested that it in fact
does so.

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