"Phillip J. Eby" wrote:
> >I see that Folders w/ customizer support now have their own
> >Data-plug-ins tab (they didn't before), and that it does direct
> >delegation, rather than filtered forwarding.
> Direct delegation?  I've lost you here.  If it's doing that, then
> something's broken.  

sorry -- I didn't really mean that.

> Check and see if you have any "Link to Parent Data
> Plug-ins" in your customizers (they're added by default now on new
> customizers).  You can filter the parent providers by selecting the ones
> you want to leave out on the "exclude" property.

That's what I meant. Great.

> >Does this mean that your suggestion above has become a design decision
> >for ZPatterns? Data plug-ins directly in Customizers and Specialists
> >aren't due to be deprecated? I'm guessing that this is the case.
> Argh.  I knew there was something (else) I was forgetting to document in
> the CHANGES file.  I had better go fix that now.

I'll take that as a "yes" then. :-)

> >Also, it is a bit of a pain to refresh each of the DataManager instances
> >on each upgrade. How about an external method in ZPatterns to walk the
> >object tree and update instances as required? Perhaps it could use
> >ZopeFind. Or, seeing as Specialists and Customizer folders contain other
> >DataManagers, could you add a button to a tab in Specialists and
> >Customizer folders that refreshes them, and recursively all the
> >DataManagers they contain? Then I'd just have to go to each top-level
> >datamanager and refresh them when I upgrade.
> It isn't actually be necessary to refresh on every upgrade.  IIRC, that
> note about refreshing is in reference to pre-0.4.x versions.  I guess I
> need to fix that too...

I had a bit of oddness with a Folder with Customizer Support on
upgrading from 0-4-1snap1 to 0-4-2a1. Until I added then removed a
datamanager, there was some attribute error occuring. Unfortunately, I
didn't look into it before I accidentally fixed it. I'll be upgrading
another zope instance with ZPatterns later on, so I'll watch out for the
same behaviour then.

> do you think you could
> perhaps be persuaded to write a short reference and/or tutorial for us to
> include (perhaps as a help screen from the SkinScript method object's
> management screens)?  Thanks.

I have a DataSkins how-to / short introduction that is about half
complete. I was hoping to get this out by today, but then I discovered
SkinScript, and also real work got in the way :-)

I'll try and get it finished this weekend. Perhaps some of that can be
reused as help in the management screens.

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