I'm trying to get the basic app building concept down with ZPatterns.
Forgive me if I'm way off the mark.  I'm building off the guest book
example from the new Zope book.  What I've done is created a product
folder call Gbook.  Inside I've created a dtml method index_html, a
specialist named Guestbook and a Dataskin instance called
Guestbook_entry. I have one property sheet named GBookProps defined
for dataskin ZClass.  Instead of storing the guestbook entries in
documents I'm trying to store them using the dataskin database.

In the Specialist(Guestbook) I have 3 methods addEntry,
addEntryAction, and addEntryForm
When I call addEntry I get.
sequence-index must be an integer
I thought I was so close to understanding me not understanding. :)
It seems to me that the "only" way to produce a ZPatterns based
product is to do it from python.
How about this, should I be trying to add entries this way?  
"""dtml method addEntry"""
<dtml-var standard_html_header>
<h2> Inserting new Guest Book Table Info Item!</h2>
<dtml-let id="'entry_%d' % len(self.objectIds())">
   <dtml-call "ni.propertysheets.manage_addPropertySheet
(id='GBookProps', ns='')">
<dtml-let nips="ni.propertysheets.get('GBookProps')">
   <dtml-call "nips.manage_addProperty('guest_name', guest_name,
   <dtml-call "nips.manage_changeProperties(REQUEST)">

<form action=index_html>
<input type=submit value="OK">

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