Hi Steve,

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Alexander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    >> ShopperManager.InsertItemIntoShoppersBasket(shopper=aShopper,
    >> mi=aMarketItem, quantity=qty),

    Steve> Seeing as the context is clearly ShopperManger (or
    Steve> Shoppers), I don't think there's any need for such a long
    Steve> method name. The context clearly involves shoppers and
    Steve> baskets, so perhaps AddToBasket(shopper, item, qty) would
    Steve> be clear enough?

Yeah.. the long method name was to help clarify the meaning. ;-)

    Steve> If anything, AddToBasket could be a method of MarketItem.
    Steve> Item.addToBasketOf(Shopper).  However, if Items live on
    Steve> Shelves in Isles in a Shop, addToBasketOf could be a method
    Steve> of the Shop, that gets found by acquisition from items in
    Steve> the shop. And, perhaps we know who the Shopper is from the

Again... it seems to me that these objects aren't allowed to
have methods, since that would require sub classing and according
to my understanding sub classing is sort of a 'deprecated' approach.

Maybe I'm missing something... I like your thought about the 'shop'
being the best object responsible for handling the shopping
baskets.. it's just a different way to slice the problem.. I could get
used to it. ;-)


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