Ok I'm going over most of the ZPatterns stuff again. It seems simple 
enough. Yet I can't seem to put a specialist and a dataskin based 
ZClass in a product folder and get them to do anything persistently. 
I've been through all of the tutorials and can't seem to get anything 
to click. You know things like do I create and call a trigger or the 
propertysheet.  When I create the methods inside the specialist I 
can't access the DataSkin ZClass.  I have it setup as the storage 
class.  Is it alright to post these kinds of questions here? Also on 
the note of subjects and Gen-spec.  It seems most of the stuff for 
Zope like the PTK and ZODB stuff I see is class based and not 
whole/part patterns stuff. How about a simple Diagram from those that 
understand it in Coad OOA terms. I know that there is one already but 
how about in terms of the very basic objects like a folder, 
specialist, and Zclass. Thanks, Jimbo

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