hi stephan,

one project i am working on right now does something similar, retrieving
data for business objects out of an RDBMS and rendering it through zope
without instantiating e.g. an instance of a product representing the
business object.

in my case it is handled with external methods (not the external method
included with zope, but it'll work either way). you create an external
method that accepts whatever parameters you need to call into the database
and you return the record(s) out of it. you can do a lot of nifty and simple
stuff in the external method to control exactly what is being passed back,
what i am doing is creating an empty dictionary in the external method and
just add whatever i want on the page into that dictionary.

in your page you could then do the following:

<dtml-call expr="REQUEST.set('result_dict', Path.To.Method(param, param2,

here is value 1: <dtml-var name="result_dict['value1']">

iterating over a list that is part of the result dictionary:

<dtml-in name="result_dict['list_component']">
  <dtml-var name="variable_from_list">



on 9/8/00 1:33, Stephan Richter at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I have some HTML/DTML saved in the database and I want to now display it.
> But before I display, I need to render the DTML that is contained in the text.
> Can anyone lead my in the right direction; maybe by telling me which file
> handles the rendering and I can read some source code. But of course, it
> would be cool, if I could get a more explained response. BTW, I can call
> the method to render the text from Python or DTML. I really don't care.
> Thanks in advance!!!
> Regards,
> Stephan
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