Well, I just tried to post several paragraphs to the security interface
wiki, and netscape reported a proxy problem.  It then ate my posting
instead of giving it back to me when I pressed back.  So I'm going
to try to recreate what I wrote here and hope someone will post it
for me or something.  (If only w3m supported cookies...)

1) "in an anonymous context" made me think first of anonymous users.
I'm really not sure it's a very evocative phrase.  It's really
about manipulating a reference to the object instance itself rather than
calling one of its methods.

2) The doc is great, but I also like 'command reference' type things
where you get the complete syntax and semantics for each method.
If I can only have one doc, I'll take this one, but I can wish
for both <grin>.

3) Although I've written and worked with python Products (and with
python itself for longer), I really don't know what "subobjects
where the subobject supports the setting of arbitrary attributes"
are.  How about an example of one of those?

4) Having read this doc, I now understand how the current security model
works much better.  I think that indicates that this interface is
definately a move in the right direction in terms of making the
whole thing more understandable and usable.


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