> Does the performance of Zope degrade as the Data.fs get larger?  Both
> on startup time (which I'm pretty sure will degrade) and on respons
> time, serving a object f ex?

No... Data.fs is only appended to, so I don't think there is any
appreciable seeking latency as it grows.  You can probably verify this
by running speed.py (distributed in lib/python/ZODB/test/speed.py)
against a large FileStorage and then against a small one.

> Another thing.  Have anyone tried to encrypt all data inside the
> Data.fs file?  I mean, encrypted the data so that not even root can
> access it, only if you have the right passphrase (or whatever) in the
> management interface are you allowed access to the data.  

You'd probably need to rewrite the pickling and unpickling routines used
in lib/python/ZODB/Connection.py to dump and load "encrypted" pickles.

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