Andy - looking up 'this' in a dtml method or document won't work
unless you expose it in your python product/tag definition.  I'm
talking about getting 'this' inside a dtml tag that I have defined
myself (i.e. <dtml-foobar></dtml-foobar>).  If you want 'this'
available in dtml, write an external method and just return 'self'
def this(self): return self

>>>>> "Andy" == Andy McKay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Andy> Really? Ive looked up this and get nothing (an attribute error actually) and
    Andy> its not in globals. If that would work that would be great - but a it
    Andy> certainly doesnt seem to on a standard DTMLDocument / Method.

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    >> Andy: here's what I've gleaned - in a dtml tag's render() method, you
    >> get passed in self and a template dict, in my example let's call it
    >> 'md'.  md is essentially a stack/dictionaryish object of the *current*
    >> namespace - and one of the handy things that's always around in the
    >> namespace is the 'this' function, which returns the object on the top
    >> of the stack.
    >> Just lookup 'this', run it, and there you have a reference to the
    >> calling object!  Ex:
    >> def render(self, md)
    >> this = md.getitem('this')
    >> callingObj = this()
    >> return "Calling object was %s" % (
    >> Note I haven't tested this code.  Good luck!
    >> -Brett

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