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> > > E:\Zope\2.2.0\lib\python/Products/Squishdot/validArticle.dtml

> > > 'E:\\Zope\\2.2.0/Products/Squishdot/validArticle.dtml'

> Okay, I can understand (but not approve of) having a mixture of \ and /
> in a string (I guess python's open takes care of that) but what's with
> the \\ in the INSTANCE_HOME case?!

Well, the first line above doesn't have quotes, so I assume you used
"print".  The second line does,
so I assume you just evaluated it, in which case it takes the repr of
the string and therefore
quotes the backslashes by doubling them.

> Can you explain why that makes sense please ;-)
> Surely it'd be more useful to default to SOFTWARE_HOME including
> '/lib/python' so that old code wasn't broken?

Well, old code presumably wouldn't use INSTANCE_HOME, so it wouldn't
arise.  I don't know why that
default was chosen.

> And that'll work in INSTANCE_HOME (in either the base or instance parts)
> Zope installs as well as non-instance home ones?

It will work regardless of where the Product lives.  "product_home" is a
non-Zope-specific function
which extracts the path of a module in a package from that module's
global dictionary.


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