>From: Rik Hoekstra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>There _was_ a patch available (can't find it now, search the maillist

Read my postings around April. I include two of my messages.

The patch was submitted in March. I believe it even went into the Collector. 
But Digicool people simply refused to update the ZODBC database adapter, 
citing they are too busy and that for patches they need to make things 
really sure. Fine, in between March and September (6 months, that is), they 
have not been able to include the patch in the release. Meanwhile, many 
people have downloaded and used ZODBC. I don't understand. Is it so hard to 
include the patch? 6 months is more than enough time to determine that this 
patch does not cause viruses or major catastrophes. If there have been 
disasters using this patch, people would have yelled loud and clear.

I have submitted bug a report to Java's Bug Parade before, and they got back 
to me about 6 months later, long after my project was killed. :) Now this 
bug is taking about the same time. :) I am impressed.

What's the fun of making _every_ newbie going through the same ritual of 
posting to the newsgroups and get the problem fixed only 3 days later? Is it 
fun to waste so many people's time???

(OK, sarcasm aside, isn't time to do something about it?) :)

It _is_ a carcass piece of software until someone resuscitate it.

Hung Jung


Message: Re: [Zope] Z ODBC Error Value: unpack sequence of wrong size
Author: "Hung Jung Lu"
Date: 04/06 04:01 AM

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "Hung Jung Lu" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  wrote:
>  --- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], Graham Chiu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  wrote:
> >Ioan Coman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes
> > >I'm using Zope 2.1.5 (binary release, python 1.5.2, win32-x86)
> >...
> > > Zope Error
> > > Error Type: ValueError
> > > Error Value: unpack sequence of wrong size

OK, I search a bit more on e-groups, and found out a patch
to fix this problem. Please visit:


The ZODBC adapter actually works fine. It's just that the Test
tab does not work.

Hung Jung


Message: Re: [Zope] Why so many problems with database adapters?
Author: "Hung Jung Lu"
Date: 04/07 12:51 AM

>From: Michel Pelletier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Tino Wildenhain wrote:
> > If not, so we can all hope and wish, but not _demand_ to get the
> > fixes :-)

I certainly wouldn't _demand_ fixes for something that is _free_.
I am not that silly a person. :) But I see over and over again
newbies (including myself) going through the same pain that
others have already gone before. Some of the nicer people have
digged into the problems and FIXED them with a patch. Sadly,
I had to repeat the pain simply because I was NOT aware of
the patch!

So, the question is simply: do we want all future users to
go down the exact same path, or do we want to save them a
little bit of time and stress, and make Zope a better brand name?

>in CVS?  Doubt it.  Approaching the rat hole at every increasing speed.

I know. But a simple Wiki page with a simple HTTP link
to a person's personal homepage will allow you to try his/her
patched version at your own risk, without Digicool's
integrity being involved at all. It's like a tree with
a central trunk, if you know what I mean in Revision
Control Systems like VSS. The branches eventually die
out, but before the trunk gets a newer version, the
users can try the patched versions from the branches.
The patched versions don't even need to sit on zope.org
website, they could sit in each individual home site
(there are so many free web hosting sites out there.)

>Right now people can send a patch to the collector, but it takes us time
>time test it and understand it, especially if it's a deep issue.

That's totally fine and understandable. But we need to figure
out a way for people to be aware of the bugs and patches right
at the moment when they download a product.

This way, Digicool can even afford to release a new version
only once every 6 months, say. :) Also, over time, if an
outside person starts to develop a credible branch, and
Digicool is too busy to take care of the trunk, we'll know
it's moment to either (1) outsource the product, or (2) push
the branch into zope.org and make it the trunk.

>I vote Wiki.

Sounds good. Anything that allows user to add HTTP links is
good enough. If they can scribble comments, so much the
better. :)


Hung Jung

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