> > But assuming someone can properly document this without making heads
> > hurt and without sounding alarms in the minds of OO folks, maybe the
> > right solution is an optional attribute on the opening tag that
> > specifies the wrapping template.  If not specified, it would default to
> > "standard_page_template".
> Nonono. If the attribute is not specified, the page is a
> standalone template and is not wrapped at all. This is important.

But, you see, this solution sounded an alarm for the OO folks here at
DC.  I wanted it just as you say.  But when it was presented this way,
everyone figured that the effect was that the model was specifying the
view... and that's just wrong.  I agree with them in one regard--models
should not specify views.  But as I see it (and as I think you do as
well), we're not on the model layer at all.  All of this is *only* on
the view or "presentation" layer.

So the standard_page_template default wrapping is an attempt at a

How about this compromise instead: two new object types would be
available, Document and XHTMLDocument.  Document objects would have no
default wrapper while XHTMLDocuments would.  This would actually match
the desires of a *lot* of people IMHO.


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