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> However, when I call the function, I get an error about DocumentTemplate,
> from which I discovered that when I call _.logvis('a_string'), instead of
> the string being passed as the first parameter, _ is passed as the first
> parameter to my function, forcing me to truncate it when calling log2vis:

> Any idea what could cause this strange behaviour?  it doesn't happen for
> other functions inserted into _ in

When you stuff a function into "d", you're adding it to the class dictionary of 
DocumentTemplate, so
it effectively becomes a method of that class.  The first argument gets treated as 
"self", just like
in any other class method.

All of the functions in DT_Util are either builtins (which never get turned into bound 
methods) or
functions with a leading "self" parameter.


Evan @ digicool & 4-am

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