Steve Alexander wrote:
> > Or, is there some reason that local roles don't make sense within
> > products, and so I have to copy my prototype folder to elsewhere in the
> > ZODB, and then set the local roles?
> Correction: I mean "user-defined roles" rather than local roles.

Well, I can add user-defined roles to my folder in a Product by using
the URL


I can check this with 


It seems to work, even though I can't get a sensible management
interface for them.

The reason I can't get the management interface for local roles is that defines the attribute _isBeingUsedAsAMethod_=1. This
attribute is acquired, and checked, in, and a different
management screen is shown depending on its value.

Is there an easy way of declaring that my prototype folder is not being
used as a method? Or do I have to subclass it from Python and set the
magic attribute there?

Will I be tripping myself up on anything if I go ahead and set the
user-defined roles I want anyway?

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