Monty Taylor wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I've got a question about how Zope deals with shared libraries. Say
> I have a 2Meg shared library that I've generated with SWIG. (I know it's
> big, but for sake of argument) Say then that I create a Python Class
> that imports this library and provides a front-end for each of its
> exported methods. Then, I instantiate this class 2000 times within a
> Zope instance. My question is, the library code is loaded into memory
> once, right?

Right. In fact, if you were running multiple Zope (or Python)
processes using the library, then there would only be one copy in 
memory shared among the multiple processes.

> That seems to be what should happen, but I want to make
> sure before I start selling people here on SWIGing a few utilities and
> bundling them into one of our Zope objects instead of doing fork/execs
> to call an executable. I'm not shifting the burden from loading time to
> storage size, am I?



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