We're using ZCVSMixin for just such a scenario. It's working a 
lot better than nothing. ;-) It does still have rough edges, and you
need to know too much about how it works to do anything complex, but
it does allow us to manage changes and test/stage/update etc with
a much greater degree of control than we used to have... Of course
right now it's unix only... but I should be able to fix that once
my current slate of projects are finished.


>>>>> "Andy" == Andy McKay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    >> > One of the reasons our group is moving away from Zope is that
    >> it has > very poor support (if any) for the
    >> development/staging/live model.  We > like this model.  We
    >> think it's a good thing.  But sync'ing code across > multiple
    >> Zope installations is a royal PITA.
    >> I'd like to hear more about the problems you've had and how you
    >> overcome them in a different system.
    >> > And no, versions are *not* the answer.
    >> Well, they are a pretty good answer for lots of applications in
    >> my experience.

    Andy> Version can work for small changes, but they certainly dont
    Andy> for large numbers of changes across lots of objects. And
    Andy> since the catalog is a key component for our site, its a
    Andy> real problem.

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