At 12:49 PM 9/22/00 -0400, Jim Fulton wrote:
>"Phillip J. Eby" wrote:
>> Ty and I have put together a Stored Procedure method for Sybase; it
>> requires a minor patch to ZSybaseDA, however, to allow for the status code
>> return.  I'm not sure how useful it would be to anyone else, though, since
>> all we ever do with stored procedures is process the return value, and
>> ignore any actual SELECT results.
>I think it would be useful. Can you get multiple return values?

By "return value", I mean the "return status" code which is an integer
returned by the Sybase "RETURN" statement.  Sybase also can generate its
own, negative-numbered return statuses, which indicate a Sybase error.
These error codes can include ones that mean the current transaction has
already been aborted.

Apart from the "return value", a Sybase stored procedure can execute
SELECT's which result in rows being returned.  We have never used this
capability, so I'm not sure what would need to be done for it to be
practical.  We ordinarily use stored procedures only to perform inserts,
updates, deletes, and other things that only need a integer result if
anything.  (Eg: get next counter value to assign an object identifier.)

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