I have a project which need search with Chinese. I think I can make Zcatalog
to search Chinese in utf8. So I change Voodoo Kludge Splitter.py to convert
the input string to unicode (assume it is utf8) and make a version of split
of my own (see the attached splitter.py). I borrow (stolen) from Interscript
the utf8 encoding conversion scheme. I separate the chinese with space by
hand hoping the Zcatalog will work.

After changing these, I have a catalog which looks good : I can see from the
volucably the chinese were actually there (except with some which have html
encode like < inside the utf8.

I generate the search interface, and test it. However, the search of the
index terms return nothings. I search most entries found in the vocubalury
but none works, those work will return many unwanted results also.

What is causing this failure? What I can do to go further?


Kent Sin


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