Title: A few Questions

Hello I just joined so sorry if you have answered these before or if it the right place to ask but :

I have a 4 new sites in Zope that is mirrored on two servers and load balanced. A third server is for qa and editing in Zope.

Now , is there a way to have a python script go into Zope and delete all the acl users and pack the database ? ( for when a script copies the Data.fs into the live environment)

Also is it possible to have the management only run via :8080 and be an error is tried via http://foobar.com/manage

The apache is built via pcgi and redirects. I would like to be able to have apache serve out Zope on one nic and kill the port 8080 and the other serve all ports .

If you have any ideas please email and I will get more in depth as far as I can anyways.

Keith Larson
Web Developer

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