Thanks so much for the response... 

It turns out, I tried the Python Method and it had the 
same basic problem as the DTML Method... however I've now
moved on, using deletageRetrieve to a new thorny issue. ;-)

When I get an object from of another specialist it appears
that it doies not inherit from my specialist, but from 
*its* specialist. (e.g., my framework specialist has methods
that I want the dataskins to acquire). I've currently got it
wrapped like so:

    def retrieveItem(self, key):
        """ get an item...."""
        return self.delegateRetrieve(self, None, key=key).__of__(self)

I've tried several different combinations of __of__ etc, but
none of them seems to allow the dataskin to acquire, for example,
standard_html_header from my specialist. Is there any way to 
enforce acquisition at this level?


>>>>> "pje" == Phillip J Eby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    pje> At 08:00 AM 9/25/00 -0500, Steve Spicklemire wrote:
    >>  So my retrieve item gets called..... *unfortunately* it gets
    >> called without any namespace parameter... so my retrieveItem
    >> DTML method has no way to acquire a namespace so that it can
    >> delagate to something else!
    >> So... here is what I did... I defined a method in my Python
    >> subclass of Specialist..
    >> class MarketItemManager(ZPatterns.Specialists.Specialist): """A
    >> Market Item Manager"""
    >> # Specify a name for the item type:
    >> meta_type='MarketItemManager'
    >> def retrieveItem(self, key): """ get an item...."""  return
    >> self.__of__(self).delegateRetrieve(self, None, key=key)
    >> Then I made a DTML method called 'delegateRetrieve' like so:
    >> <dtml-return "myGreatSite.ThingManager.getItem(key)">
    >> this way, my integrator can edit 'delegateRetrieve' to point to
    >> whatever Specialist he wants to... and I have a Python
    >> implementation of retrieveItem.
    >> Does this sound OK? Am I working way too hard here?  (I feel
    >> like I am! ;-> )

    pje> Remember in the code where I have "# XXX DTML check?"  That's
    pje> because I was anticipating your problem, but since I didn't
    pje> personally need to do what you're doing yet, I didn't
    pje> implement it.  For one thing, I was waiting to see if Zope
    pje> core method binding would get fixed.  Unfortunately, I'm not
    pje> sure that Zope method binding is going to be available for
    pje> anything but PythonMethods in 2.3.  As of right now, however,
    pje> you should be able to use a PythonMethod for retrieveItem,
    pje> rather than a DTML Method, and it should work.

    pje> In short, even now, delegateRetrieve should not be necessary.
    pje> You should be able to implement retrieveItem using a
    pje> PythonMethod or a DTML Document rather than a DTML Method.
    pje> (I say *should* because I have not tried it personally.)

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