We released HiperDom 0.1 Saturday (this message is dated Monday
because it's when the objects got cataloged).

This version is Python-based, fully functional to the last
letter of the spec (except for hdom:method where we cleaned up
the interface a bit), fully HelpSys'ed, heck, it even has an

Oh, it has an undocumented feature too. Actually lots of 'em;
I have to write about manage_getTemplate somewhere for the next
version... but what I'm talking about right now is the hdom:id
directive used for creating "assets" like we discussed
previously in the "HiperDOM and xmlc" thread.

When you expand a section marked with hdom:text, before
discarding the contents, the engine hunts for elements marked
with hdom:id in it. Those found are added to the namespace.

<p hdom:text="greeting">This paragraph will be replaced by a
greeting to <span hdom:id="person">Lalo</span> and <span

The method "greeting" will be executed with a namespace as **kw
(I don't know how flexible is this, but it's how DTML does it).
In this namespace there will be at least
{'person': '<span>Lalo</span>', 'company': '<span>Hiperlógica</span>'}.

This feature isn't documented on purpose, since this subject is
far from settled and it is very possible that this isn't the
best sollution. But it's _a_ sollution and it's there to be
tested - "running code" :-)

We'll be away from this code for about two weeks, as we have an
urgent job to deliver to a big customer whose identity is so
ironic that I'll have to tell you folks as soon as I'm sure I'm
allowed to.

Anyway, I'd like everyone interested to try it out in this
meantime, send us your feedback, and discuss it here and/or on
the HiperDomWiki. I'll have an eye (and a few fingers) on this

Thank you for your time, have a nice day. :-)

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