I do not want to connect to the Intranet using the server port (8080) in the
URL to access the Zope pages .
The problem you have is related to the sockets. Zope has it's port set to 8080 as a default
just to make it easier to coexist with IIS. The default for the http service is port 80.
If you want to use http://smt/manage
You will have to have your IIS changed to run on another port instead of the default,
and then change Zope to run on port 80.
But folks who don't know and just try to visit your site at http://smt will get the default page
served by the Zope server not your IIS server.
(Of course you could removed the less capable web server software...;-} )
You can not have both servers on the same port.
So you probably will need to redo the install settings for both IIS and Zope.
A Windows-only fix would be to change the registry setting used for the default http service to 8080.
But this won't make the two services coexist on one port.
If you want to use other port numbers, you can change them through the Registry. Start RegEdit and go to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\
. In the W3svc subkey you'll find a hexidecimal value named TcpPort. Change this to the port number you want to use. Fo r example, if you want to use port 81, set the value to 51 (51 hex is 81 decimal). Similarly, you can set the FTP port in the MSFTPSVC subkey.
Ken Latta
Invictus Systems Corporation

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