For the third time, I have a similar problem. I deleted a
ZClass-based Product, but the objects of those ZClasses still
work - except for not having an icon or constructor, so I'm not
able to create or cut/copy/paste them.

Then, when I tried to import the newer version of the Product,
Zope gave me "Duplicate class Id", which means the old classes
still exist somewhere in its Dream realm.

This is on Zope 2.2.1. I'd really appreciate some clues on how
to bust these ghosts.

On Wed, Oct 04, 2000 at 06:51:21PM +0200, Roch'e Compaan wrote:
> I am getting really funny problems with my Zope installation and I have no
> idea where to start looking.
> I for instance deleted a python product from the Products directory and when
> I start Zope the product is still listed in the Product list.  I then packed
> the ZODB, cleared my Browser's cache, and refreshed the Product List but
> still the product is visible.  I can however delete the python product
> (which is by the way not in my Products directory) from the Control Panel.
> Somewhere something is cached and I don't know where.  It seems to cache
> errors as well and they stick.  A reinstallation fixed this problem, but now
> it seems more fundamental.  I've come accross this odd caching behaviour
> again after reinstall and can't reinstall every time this happens.

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