I would like to know how to remove removed Products from the ZODB. This might
sound silly, but I tried out POPMail and the PTK-0.8, then I uninstalled them 
and removed all the files. After I restarted Zope everything looked fine, no 
trace of the Products in the Control Panel Products list. However, I still
have 'Advanced' tabs from the PTK in some management screens, and the POPMail
has left some base classes for ZClasses. As a result of the POPMail garbage,
I'm not able to add any new ZClasses to the system because:

Error Type: Could not load oid 
Error Value: None

In the debug output I find that something related to POPMail is screwing up
my system... Can anybody tell me how to get rid of all this half uninstalled
Products (other than exporting all my objects and re-importing them into a
clean ZODB)? 

Perhaps an uninstall API for Products would be a good idea... something like

def unititalize(context):

in __init__.py, that gets called when a Product is removed from the Product
Management screens...


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