I actually tried to make _owner a class attrib, but then I tried to add a LM
to a sub-folder ;-) It didn't work out... Would it be an ugly solution to
check whether the LM _is_ top-level, and if it is, make _owner a class attrib?
Would it work? Or is this solution only curing the symptoms, while the
patient is dying of cancer?

I also realized that LM:s support local roles, and I had it pointed out to me
that the reason for the default behaviour, is the scaling of Zope... I now have
a different scheme in mind...

Take care,

On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 04:01:01PM +0000, Ty Sarna wrote:
> In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>,
> Jonas Juselius  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > The problem has to do with the ownership of the acl_users. When the
> > LoginManager (acl_users) is created it sets the _owner attribute to
> > UnownableOwner. This is fine, for if the acl_users folder is owned it results
> ...
> > The problem is that the acl_users folder becomes _owned_ (by whom I don't
> > know) every time Zope is restarted, or when any method is edited or added in
> I think this is due to Shane's fix for allowing LM's as non-top-level
> acl_users. I had it originally so that _owner was a class attribute,
> which works fine. With the change, it was added as an instance
> attribute. Now, UnownableOwner is just an empty list, []. Zope checks
> for UnownableOwner using an identity check, that is in python: "_owner is
> UnownableOwner". When the LM is pickled to ZODB and reloaded, _owner is
> still an empty list, but it's not *the* empty list. That is, in python
> terms: it's still *equal* to UO, but it isn't "is" UO.
> We could go back to just having it as a class attribute, but then that
> breaks when adding a LM anywhere other than the top folder, because Zope
> wants to delete the _owner from it.
> > Another thing which I have tried to do, is to add  support for local roles to 
> > the LoginManager. At first it looked rather simple, but then I realized that
> > it wasn't really _that_ simple, and dropped it because I don't have time... It
> > would however be nice to have local roles support in the LoginManager, as it
> > would make it more complete.
> LM supports local roles fine. Unfortunately, the Zope's treatment of
> them doesn't scale (a listview just doesn't work for 1500 users, and
> other parts of the machinery want to do things like "Get me a list of
> all local roles for all users" just so that it can see if *one* user has a
> specific role or set of roles.) We've submitted patches for some things,
> but not gotten much interest from DC.
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