Debugging products is a pain... restarting Zope all the time is a Pain....

THANK GOD for Shane Hathaway. ;-)

I am delighted to report general success with the Refresh product!  My
only problem is while debugging the process of creating new EMarket
instances, I find that every time I run 'Refresh' I get a new
"EMarket" in the 'Available Objects' popup. A quick test of other
Products shows the same behavior. 

Soo... I snooped through the product creation code and found
that Products.meta_types was being unconditionally appended to
every time context.registerClass was called.... so I changed
my initialize to this:

def initialize(context):

    import Products

        permission='Add EMarkets',

    found_count = 0
    new_products_meta_types = []
    for index in range(len(Products.meta_types)):
        if Products.meta_types[index]['name'] == EMarket.EMarket.meta_type:
            found_count = found_count + 1
            if found_count == 1:
                new_products_meta_types.append( Products.meta_types[index] )
            new_products_meta_types.append( Products.meta_types[index] )

    Products.meta_types = tuple( new_products_meta_types)

In other words... only include the original version of EMarket.EMarket.meta_type
in the Product.meta_types tuple... if there are others... leave them out.

...and that seems to have solved the problem....

Does this seem like an OK idea?


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