>Itai asked:
>>  "I started reading about ZPatterns but I still can't get my head
>>  around it... I'm wondering if I should try to learn it fast enough
>>  for this project, or stick to what I already know. What in people's
>>  experience is the typical learning curve for ZPatterns? How much am I
>>  going to have to figure out to be able to build support for SQL
>>  storage?
>FYI ZPatterns has been a rapidly moving target, but it's looking pretty
>solid now, and a few folks have managed to wade in and make sense of it
>already. There's even some documentation at :
>       http://www.zope.org/Members/pje/Wikis/ZPatterns/HomePage
>Most of the discussions you'll see on this list between Steve Spicklemire
>and Phil Eby / Ty Sarna are directly related to the next rev. of EMarket,
>which will be based on ZPatterns. If you think the flexibility that comes
>from a cleanly implemented Object Pattern will be worth the learning curve,
>ZPatterns is just about there now.
>The "how" of storing data in an RDBMS, accessed with ZSQLMethods is no
>different with ZPatterns. The real difference is "who" does the storage
>and retrieval. This is the concept of the "Specialist" object, which
>"knows" all about the specifics of the data and storage implementation.
>In any case, get to know ZClasses and PythonMethods, which may not have
>been ready for prime time, or even released, last time you looked. Those
>will be useful no matter which direction you choose.
>Jerry S.

Thanks. I did work with ZClasses and PythonMethods - I wasn't gone 
that long. I couldn't see how ZPatterns are actually implemented, 
regardless of what tools are used - but I'm getting it slowly, mostly 
by collecting a lot of tips from posts in the list over the past few 
months. ZPatterns looks great and definitely worth the learning curve 
- I'm off to buy Coad's book so I can do it right.
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