Shane and Zope-Dev users of Refresh,

Have you noticed any differences refreshing objects that are in the root
folder versus higher in the Zope tree?

Last week, I was debugging a class using Refresh. I had two class instances,
E1 in the root directory and E2 which lived inside E1 (my class is

Trying http://localhost:8080/E1/test and http://localhost:8080/E1/E2/test
gave completely different results after changing the class's python code and
refreshing. E2 picked up the new class definition while E1 kept the old
class definition. Aggressively flushing the cache a few times and refreshing
again sometimes fixed the problem, but only temporarily. E1 would use the
new code a couple of times then inexplicably switch back to the old code.
Needless to say, this bamboozled me completely!

Today I am debugging the class instances one level higher in the Zope tree
(http://localhost:8080/demo/E1/test and
http://localhost:8080/demo/E1/E2/test). Refresh works perfectly. I don't
need to flush the cashe or anything like that. Also, the reported size of
the cache after a full refresh is down to 8 objects (it was around 28

Strange huh? Does this mean that Zope's cache hangs on much more tightly to
objects in the ZODB root that inside folders?



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> Stephen Simmons wrote:
> >
> > The combination of Shane's Refresh product and Steve's code to prevent
> > multiple names in the product add list is really useful. Thanks, guys!
> >
> > I've reworked Steve's initialize code so it works for products that have
> > multiple classes. As an added benefit, you no longer need to specify
> > class is being refreshed, so the meta types can be renamed or the code
> > reused without changing a single line.
> This is great, Steve and Stephen.  I'll get this worked into Refresh
> right away.
> Shane

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