At 05:11 PM 10/15/00 +0200, Morten W. Petersen wrote:
>I've been fiddling a bit with the LoginManager; but can't seem to make
>it work.
>The product versions are ZPatterns 0.3.0 and LoginManager 0.8.6.
>(Downgraded the ZPatterns product because the LoginManager couldn't
>find a class named .. SheetProviderContainer, I think).

0.8.6 won't work with 0.3.0 ZPatterns, IIRC.  I'm pretty positive it
requires one of the 0.4.x releases, but I'm not positive which one.  You
might be better off with the latest (current) releases of both.

If that still doesn't work for you, Ty is very close to releasing an 0.8.8
LM, and I'm about as close to releasing 0.4.3 ZPatterns.  Both will be
beta-quality releases, which is to say better than anything we've put out
on either product so far.  :)  0.4.3 ZPatterns will even have some
documentation in it.  :)  I expect that we will make our releases some time
during this coming week.

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