> Ernesto Revilla wrote:
> I'm in contact with LUCAS, the biggest resource for translating Linux
> and Open Porjects into spanish. (LUCAS docs are part of the most
> important spanish distributions, like ESWARE, SUSE, HispaFuentes,
> RedHat and others.)
> We would like to know if it was possible/recommendable to translate
> also the user interface of ZOPE. This is important, because when
> translating we have to mention the user interface elements (especially
> in the tutorial). Of course, <dtml-tags> will not be translated.
> Should we translate Control_Panel (Panel_de_Control) or acl_users, or
> are these hard-cabled into Zope?

Wow, thanks for your interest in translating the Zope UI. I don't have
the technical knowledge to advise you, but I am ccing the Zope-dev list
where more knowledgeable folks should be able to answer your question.
> Also would we like to know, if there is a way to specify the language
> to use for the management views, and several language could be
> supported at the same time (e.g. interpreting the browsers language
> preference, mapping this to different Zope folders).

I believe that this is planned, but I don't know the present status of
this effort.
> Some more questions, as I'm Zope user (and sometimes developer) and
> still haven't build it from source, how can access the management
> views elements, like the tab strip at the upper border, or some of
> other internal documents? (I saw that some of these like AccessControl
> and others are simple dtml-documents inside de products folder. What
> about the Help and QuickStart?

The help content is built from files inside product folders. The
QuickStart is in the default database that ships with Zope, so it is not
accessible from the filesystem.

Good luck!


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