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>From: Michel Pelletier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>Well, Jim, Evan, Brian and I pow-wowed yesterday and came up with an
>interesting change.  The world 'Method' is too overlaoded, as it means
>too much to too many people.  Also, Python Methods don't work like
>methods in python, which was my argument, but they are very useful and
>there are sound reasons for them working like they do (which J, E and B
>convinced me of yesterdat).  We have decided to change the name of
>Python Methods to something else, the current candidate being 'Python
>'Script' objects make a lot of sense, they don't overload the concept of
>methods, they describe an action that people commonly want to do (script
>the web) and they clear up a lot of potential confusion for newbie and
>old-hat alike.
>The bonus for all of this is that the only thing that needs to change is
>the name.  Which name is still an issue though, and we want your input.
>what do you think of the idea of Perl Script objects?
>The other issue, for the sake of documentation, is variable binding
>(which was the root of our disagreement yest. Python Methods do not bind
>variables and argument like methods in python do).  From what I can see,
>Perl Methods seem to get 'self' pass in as a first argument.  Is this
>all there is too it or are there more details?  Python Methods have five
>special variables (defined on the bindings tab) that get created in the
>namespace of the method.  Should perl methods work the same way and not
>have special variables passed in as arguments?  This would probably be
>more consistent with the Python model, and since 'self' will probably
>not be the name of the variable bound to either the container or the
>context it should be more explicit for perl methods also.
>What do you think?

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