Brian Lloyd wrote:
> You might want to look at the 'ownerInfo' method in
> lib/python/AccessControl/ That produces a
> fully qualified 'path' to identify a user. It probably
> should be made an interface on the user object itself
> (it probably was done this way initially to avoid forcing
> authors of other user sources to implement a new method
> or be broken).
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So, the following code (in a python product ;-) should get me a
persistent reference to the user that I can store, say, in an SQL

from AccessControl import getSecurityManager,Owned

the_current_user_path = Owned.ownerInfo(getSecurityManager().getUser())

Which leaves me with one other question ;-)

How do I turn the_current_user_path into a User object which I can use
in the following:

print the_user.getUserName()
print the_user.getRoles(an_object)



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