Toby Dickenson and Brian Lloyd wrote:

> >>             list.append(DisplayClass(name,self))
>                list.append(DisplayClass(name,self).__of__(self))

> >
> >> class DisplayClass(Globals.Persistent):
>    class DisplayClass(Globals.Persistent, Acquisition.Implicit):

Okay, this did the trick, but I'm not very happy with the result :-(

I don't want the DisplayClass to be acquiring and I don't really see
(from a moral standpoint ;-) why I should need to mix in an Acquisiton
class to make security work :-S

That said, I think Shane said that Zope security is predicated a lot on
Acquisition. Now, can I get the solution I'm looking for by mixing in
Aquisition.Explicit, still have the security stuff work and not have the
DisplayClass acquiring attributes I don't want it do?



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