Site Access handles the incoming request and fiddles with it. Whilst this
isnt what you want, looking at the source might give you some ideas.

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Subject: [Zope-dev] Writing my own request-handler

> Hi,
> I want to write my own request in Zope. I want a specially formatted
> request or a command to be intercepted and processed by my own modules. If
> the user tries to access a url like
> or using a specific port on the server
> Zope traps this and my request_handler sends data back to the user based
> the url .
> Why? I got a PostgreSQL database as a backend for a huge information
> organization project. I want to serve xml using a fast and stable solution
> like Zope or Medusa to do this, since I also need ftp for object-uploads,
> allthough these are not stored in ZODB. A normal ftp-server is used, and
> hopefully I could set up a normal medusa kind of ftp-server on a given
> to do this, and avoid all the files being stuffed into the ZODB. I got a
> lot of non-Linux ( therefore as far as a know, non-postgresql-python users
> ) so I want to give them xml to process using a know protocol like HTTP.
> How can I write my own class/handler that traps this and serves my data ?
> really want to use Zope cuz I use it for the rest of the site. I cannot
> serve all the postgresql data using plain zope-database methods cuz I want
> to write several clients in other programming languages that can receive
> and process the xml-format I use. The thing I want isn't xml-served as
> html, it's xml served to non-browser apps using HTML and ZOPE as means of
> delivery.
> Of course all of this is to be written in old-fashioned python, no
> Zope-products.
> Any hints, tips or guides is highly appreciated. I've looked at the Medusa
> source and found a couple of things that nearly does what I want them too,
> especially in the script_handler_demo-folder, but I'd like to get the
> thing into Zope if I could.
> Thanks.
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