On Tue, Oct 24, 2000 at 04:35:58AM -0700, Butch Landingin wrote:
> So I do have some questions about how you intend the ZUnit to be used... e.g. -- 
>lets say I'm
> developing a Zope Application... I begin by writing the Python code interface, 
> then I start writing the PyUnit test... in the the Setup section, I put in the code 
>that hooks
> me into the Zope ZODB, installs the product, sets the properties, etc.; in the test 
>section, I
> can get to the object, test my assertions, etc... and in the TearDown -- I back out 
>my changes,
> etc... Then I add this test to my Test suite...etc., etc...Then to run this test, 

Well, I imagine it like this:

  You create an object in the ZODB and set properties etc

  Make the assertions

  Only necessary if you make other unrelated changes, because
        ideally ZUnit would already discard your objects after the
        test is run

In your Product, you would (like usual with PyUnit) implement a
function (in the place of your choosing) which returns a
newly-allocated TestSuite. Let's call this the "creator

As for your question, how do you run it, this is exactly the
difference between the two ZUnit sub-proposals.

ZUnit Product:

  You create a TestRunner object somewhere (anywhere) in your
        ZODB. One of its properties, "suite", is the full Python
        module/object path of the creator function.
        When you click "run the tests" in the TestRunner, it creates
        an instance of TestResults, which runs the tests and
        accumulates the results; clicking on it later will format the
        results for you.

ZUnit mods to the Product-related classes:

  On your Product's __init__, you give the creator function as
        the argument of a new function context.registerTests.
        Then on the Product object in the Control Panel, there will
        be a new tab "Unit test" or something. Clicking on it will
        give you a list of existing TestResults objects and a button
        to run the tests and create a new TestResults (more or less
        the same semantics as the TestRunner, but on the Control Panel).

The big difference is (creating the TestRunner in an arbitrary
location in the ZODB then setting the name of the creator
function) versus (passing the creator function on Product
initialization and running in the Control Panel).

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