Andre Schubert wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone tell me a way to get Zope Objects from the first
> Zope-Installation to the second.
> I need this because i have to program a Product to putting data into
> different Zope Installations from one point of the Web.
> My boss want this way because he want a central point for data input,
> where the data are of different type and therefore they have to stored
> in different locations( different Zope Installations) My idea is to use
> ZPublisher.Client, but i don't find a way to use it.
> thanks as

i've never done it before, but the options as always are multiple
depending on your needs and requirements.

if you can distill your objects down to simple python types (lists,
dicts, etc) you can try using xml-rpc and reconstructing the object on
the separate system. there is even a product that uses xml-rpc to
facilitate sharing between zope installs.

if you don't need to really replicate the info, and depending on the
frequency which it will need to be accessed you can just use xml-rpc to
a function on the second server and display the results directly on the
first server.

if you need to copy the actual objects verbatim you might want to
investigate exporting to zexp and using file transfer between the hosts
and (using Client to faciltate calling into zope) importing them on the
second server.



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