Toby Dickenson wrote:
> On 24 Oct 2000 15:14:24 GMT, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Ty Sarna) wrote:
> >Unfortunately there are a lot of things that Zope just can't do because
> >there is no way to get a persistent "ticket" for an object that can be
> >handed out to some external system, and then later redeemed for the
> >(properly wrapped) object. Pathnames are not useful, because they don't
> >last for the object's lifetime.
> How come? because you want the identity to remain unchanged even after
> the object is moved? or duplicated?

Yeah, I'd love an ID I could use to grab an object no matter how often
it was used.

Why wouldn't the following work though: a class method...

self.theobject = theObject

...where theObject is something I want a reference to and self is a
persistent class...



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