On Mon, 30 Oct 2000, Chris Withers wrote:

> I went and had a look at dev.zope.org for the first time in a long time
> and noticed that there's now _lots_ of proposals which no indication of
> which ones are active/done/outdated/etc. I took off my cruft but I was
> wondering what the process is for ageing proposals and dealing with ones
> that are and aren't successful...

It look like we're soon - within the next few weeks - going to have some
time to devote to wiki/process.  I'm going to try, within that time, to
come up with a tactical proposal - for near-term measures to deal with the
immediate problems, like staleness.

Offhand, i'm thinking about a "status" field for proposal and project
pages, which the owner sets, and which creeps towards staleness, the
longer that the principles in the effort fail to touch the status

Other suggestions are welcome, with the understanding that we're
particularly looking for expediency, at this point, since there are a lot
of things to be rectified.

While i'm talking about it, my current sense of high-priority needs is:

 - Really *really* simple commenting mechanism, for feedback about wiki
   pages.  This is not a squishdot/confera/zdialogue or anything like
   that, just a form that puts attributed comments linearly at the end...
   (More elaborate mechanisms will come later.)

 - Attribution - responsible parties should be identified for each page, 
   as should the comment authors, etc.

 - Expose change history (with differences) - so anyone can look at a page
   and see progressive changes, along with who made them.  (In addition
   to obvious reasons, credibility of attribution, in context where
   editors could change other people's comments.)

 - Editing constraints - where page owner can easily say what roles can
   edit, comment, just read pages.

 - Change notifications - this is a biggie.  Enable members to
   "subscribe" to pages, and obtain emailed notices when they change.

If there are other features that seem critical, please mention them - no
guarantees, the idea here is near term expedience, maximum results for
minimum effort.  In not too long we should be able to look at ways to
leverage PTK, etc, and do wiking right...


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