How do I implement gen-spec classes using ZPatterns and ZClasses? 
For example, I want to implement Person and Customer. Writing it in 
Python, it would be easy to subclass Person to get Customer, and 
Customer would inherit Person's properties and methods. If I instead 
create a specialist and ZClass for each class, do I use a SkinScript 
to remap Person's properties into Customer? And what about the 
methods - Customer can't inherit Person's methods, so I have to write 
methods in Customer which call the same methods in Person. This seems 
terribly complicated... am I missing something?

Another question: In Coad's examples, if a class has an 'n' order 
relationship to another class - say Order and OrderItems, Order would 
contain a list of OrderItems. Each OrderItem would contain the id of 
the Order it belongs to. It seems to me that it would be easier for 
Order to call OrderItems.getItemsForOrder(self.id), then I don't have 
to maintain a list in Orders, and if I add an OrderItem the Order 
will immediately know about it without me having to call it and tell 
it the OrderItem was added. Is there anything wrong with this 


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