Hey all,

Using ZPatterns, I have a set of specialists/racks/dataskins that have a
dependency relation. So I've used triggers to chain deletes in an
appropriate way. I won't go into a lot of detail here as there is quite a
bit of code, and I figure I'm the best suited to debug it.

My problem is I can't get a hold on where the problem is... all the
triggers and appropriate manage_delete's are getting called. I've checked
to make sure I'm not modifying something already marked for deletion. I
don't manually commit at any point and there are no other threads getting
run.  Are there any good heuristics I can use to figure out what the
problem is?  I'm sure others have run into ConflictErrors before, how have
you debugged them? 

Thanks in advance for any tips...


John Eikenberry
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