It is not posible to copy ZClasses, when I try to copy a ZClass 
in the Management Interface I get the error:    'The Item 'blorf' does not support 
that operation'

I digged into that and found that in the there exists a method 

def cb_isCopyable:

I was so crude to replace the pass with a 'return 1', restarted Zope and 
could now copy ZClasses as I wanted it.

My first question now:
0.    Why are ZClasses not copyable?
1.    Do I shoot into my foot with my hack or is that OK?


And now my second question
I am working on a ZClass-intensive project and sometimes I 
want to add/remove base classes of a ZClass without redefining the whole class 

in ZClass I have found a nice-sounding method _setBasesHoldOnToYourButts() <grin>,
and the source is commented with '#Eeeek', hmmmm

What are the risks for a good shot into my foot using this function?



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