Greetings Fellow ZoPeople,
I'm having some difficulty with Acquisition of security settings within
LoginManager protected folders.  I'm using the latest CVS of Zope and
LM 0.8.8b1 with the included ZPatterns and Plugins.  It was necessary
to apply a patch (from Luca Mearelli on this list) on to
actually create the LM folder without raising a NameError exception on
'path.'  I previously worked all the wrinkles out of my UserSource,
etc., under Zope 2.1.2., so my difficulties in this case are purely
upgrade related.

Folders/Objects thusly:

        / (Root Folder)
                test (Test Folder)
                        acl_users (LoginManager)
                        index_html (Test Page)

If I change the security settings on index_html to allow access from a
test account role, all works fine.  If however, I change the security
settings on the test folder instead of index_html, it does not have the
expected effect and I get the forbiddenpage, as if acquisition of these
settings were not working.  I did not turn off "Acquire Settings" on
index_html.  Pretty much all such settings have been left at the default
settings except for adding the new roles to the test folder and enabling
them in either the test folder or on the index_html object as indicated.

As with may other things Zope & Python, I don't understand yet how LM
interacts with the mechanics of acquistion and security settings.  Has
anyone else tackled this yet who could provide some insights and/or a fix?

Thanks in advance,

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