Hi John,

   This is one of the problems with SkinScript, and I've not found any 
great way to sort through it. Here are my two (three?) cents worth....

1) Break the SkinScript triggers down to the simplest possible
event, and test them individually. If this is not possible, then
debug the trigger with a 'pseudo' event that you can generate

2) Try Steve A's DummyDataSkin from his add-on utilities. It
can be a great help in sorting out what's going on....

3) Get down to the debugger. It's not as easy as debugging 'plain'
zope since the 'trigger' objects are 'compiled' but you should at
least be able to step through a 'commit' and see when they are hitting
exceptions etc...

>>>>> "John" == John Eikenberry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    John> Hey all,

    John> Using ZPatterns, I have a set of specialists/racks/dataskins
    John> that have a dependency relation. So I've used triggers to
    John> chain deletes in an appropriate way. I won't go into a lot
    John> of detail here as there is quite a bit of code, and I figure
    John> I'm the best suited to debug it.

    John> My problem is I can't get a hold on where the problem
    John> is... all the triggers and appropriate manage_delete's are
    John> getting called. I've checked to make sure I'm not modifying
    John> something already marked for deletion. I don't manually
    John> commit at any point and there are no other threads getting
    John> run.  Are there any good heuristics I can use to figure out
    John> what the problem is?  I'm sure others have run into
    John> ConflictErrors before, how have you debugged them?

    John> Thanks in advance for any tips...

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