At 02:00 PM 11/6/00 +0200, Roch'e Compaan wrote:
>First stupid question: Are ZClasses based on Dataskins PD (Problem Domain)
>objects or DM (Data Management) objects?  Can somebody possible categorize
>the main classes in ZPatterns according to Problem Domain, User Interface,
>Data Management?

DataSkins are for PD and UI classes.  It's usually simplest to combine PD
and UI, and as long as you ensure that UI methods call PD methods, not the
other way around, then it works fine.

Specialists and Racks are the Data Management objects.

>Would it be safe to base development on ZPatterns if I want to use an SQL
>RDBMS as storage and ZPatterns as DataManagement layer ie. is ZPatterns
>stable engough?

Ty and I have production apps based on ZPatterns running at our company,
using both SQL and LDAP.  Of course, we're in a better position than most
to fix it if something breaks.  :)

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