Thanks Philip

>The way Ty and I usually handle "object" properties is to give an object
>setter methods (e.g. "setAddress()") that simply set the property (e.g.
>self.Address = addr).  The only downside is that you have to do this in a
>Python base class or an External method.  Later, we expect to replace this
>approach with PropertyHandlers, and we already have a primitive form of
>PropertyHandler we have used with some success, but it's too crude at this
>point for a product release.

I presume if most of my classes are ZClasses external methods should do the job and 
then I can just 
call the setter methods when the object is created or modified? 

>I have created ObjectManager and Folder dataskins before and had them work,
>but at the time I was testing with Zope 2.1.6, and it was an older version
>of ZPatterns.  I haven't done much lately with them.  If people are
>experiencing problems, perhaps someone could send me a bug report?

If I do try out this route (in stead of using setter methods) where does the content 
of the ObjectManager 
reside - sometimes I struggle with the locality of objects when working with 
ZPatterns.  Eg. I have a 
CustomerManager specialist that creates Customers (Objectmanager Dataskin) and that 
should contain 
an address dataskin.  I guess a simple prodding of the namespace should do the trick 
but are not to 
clear on how this should be done?
guessing (but the manage_addProduct part is probably not right):
  <dtml-let ni="newitem(id)">
       <dtml-with ni>
           <dtml-with "manage_addProduct['MyProduct']">
                <dtml-call "MyZClass_add(_.None, _, NoRedir=1)">

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