Hello, all.

The reason that brings me here is to ask for the good people's cooperation. Ok,
bad people can cooperate too ;)

In the long hard way of creating some sort of internal cache scheme for zope,
one that wouldn't depend on meta-tags and would be transparent to the
developer/user, I came up with CachePool
But that just isn't enough... though it works for a specific caching scheme,
it's not a site wide, or should I say, server wide. Mindstorming with my fellow
workers, one (the boss, and that's why he's the boss) came up with the magic
words... cache the html on it's way out and make some callback on request to
test if we have that particular request in store. So I did...
First try was to integrate SiteAccess with a traversal interfaced CachePool,
one you could call /Cacher/thing/to/grab in order to cache /thing/to/grab from
the root. But __bobo_traverse__ just isn't my friend.
Next thing I did, I took out the surgeon gloves and went to get my hands
dirty. I started tampering with ZPublisher/Publish.py.
And this is where I need your help. To those of you who don't suffer from a
faint heart and wish to increase zope's performance by about 6x (my number,
your's *will* be different), I ask to point your browsers to my Member page,
where instructions and source will be available.
btw, the one on my Members page is for Zope 2.2.2, and will only work with
zope's with the exact same Publish.py.  Both win and linux 2.2.2 versions
have the same Publish.py.

Oh, and of course, I would appreciate any feedback on

Hope I haven't bothered you, but I tend to get carried away!

"Kill processes, not people."
- Larry Cohen

Carlos Neves

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