Hi Casey,

   I think this is a fine idea. The main thing that keeps me from
doing it is that JPython doesn't work on Netscape (Mac) and so (at this
point at least) I can't use it, unless I have a context where I can
insist that users use a particular browser. 

The other annoyance is the long download time for the JPython

The other annoyance is the general flakiness of Java VMs out there....

But.. I think the concept is a good one.. and once the JPython
implementation is cached it should be pretty fast. Then you just
have to worry about all the JVM bugs. ;-)

good luck!

>>>>> "Casey" == Casey Duncan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Casey> I have been toying with the idea of creating a Zope product
    Casey> for creating JPython applets within Zope. I thought this
    Casey> might be a way to increase the capabilities of Zope on the
    Casey> client-side while remaining firmly grounded in Python and
    Casey> simultaneously giving me an excuse to play with JPython and
    Casey> maybe create a useful Zope product too.

    Casey> I wanted to throw this out to the group to see if others
    Casey> thought this was a worthwhile capability.

    Casey> The basic idea would be to write JPython scripts and
    Casey> applets in Zope either via the web or otherwise and
    Casey> automagically "compile" them into transparent .jar files
    Casey> that are served to the client on request. Sounds so simple!
    Casey> Right?? Somehow I doubt it will be, but...

    >> From what I see no one has done this so I figure at least one
    >> of following
    Casey> is true:

    Casey> 1. Nobody thought of it or felt compelled to act on the
    Casey> thought.  2. Its gonna be hard to do.  3. Somebody else
    Casey> already did it and I don't know about it.  4. The idea
    Casey> blows.

    Casey> Any thoughts on this idea, + or - are appreciated.

    Casey> -Casey D.

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