That is good to know, being a Mac fan myself. I'll have to play with and
test the different browsers on the client side as well as server-side jdks.
>From what I have learned so far on the server end, the project seems
reasonably feasible.

I think the interesting part will be creating the precise dividing line
between the JPython and CPython worlds. I doubt much JPython will exist in
the product excepting some "glue" to get Zope/CPython to interact with it in
a robust way. That will probably be the fun part.

Thanks for the comments,
Casey D.

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Hi Casey,

   I think this is a fine idea. The main thing that keeps me from
doing it is that JPython doesn't work on Netscape (Mac) and so (at this
point at least) I can't use it, unless I have a context where I can
insist that users use a particular browser.

The other annoyance is the long download time for the JPython

The other annoyance is the general flakiness of Java VMs out there....

But.. I think the concept is a good one.. and once the JPython
implementation is cached it should be pretty fast. Then you just
have to worry about all the JVM bugs. ;-)

good luck!

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