Hi Roche,

   This is a known problem. Use:

<dtml-let itemIDs="[]">
<dtml-in "addressRack.getPersistentItemIDs()" sort>
<dmtl-call "itemIDs.append(_['sequence-item'])">

Now you have the required itemIDs in itemIDs. 


>>>>> "Roch'e" == Roch'e Compaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Roch'e> I have a Customer and Address ZClasses based on Dataskin
    Roch'e> as well as a CustomerManager specialist.

    Roch'e> The Customer ZClass has a external method setAddress:

    Roch'e> def setAddress(self, Address) self.Address = Address

    Roch'e> CustomerManager has a defaultRack and addressRack.  The
    Roch'e> methods that adds the instance contains this:

    Roch'e> <dtml-let newCustomer="newItem(name)"> <dtml-call
    Roch'e> "newCustomer.propertysheets.Basic.manage_changeProperties(test=test)">
    Roch'e> <dtml-let address="addressRack.newItem(id)"> <dtml-call
    Roch'e> "address.propertysheets.basic.manage_changeProperties(test=test)">
    Roch'e> <dtml-call "newCustomer.setAddress(address)"> </dtml-let>
    Roch'e> </dtml-let>

    Roch'e> and it seems to work fine.

    Roch'e> Then to retrieve the Customer addresses I call:

    Roch'e> <addressRack.getPersistentItemIDs()">

    Roch'e> but there seems to be a problem with permissions because
    Roch'e> Zope prompts me for username and password although i'm
    Roch'e> already working in the management interface.

    Roch'e> Roché

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