Hi Chris,

ZPatterns and ZCatalog work fine. Here is a skin script I've
been using to keep a catalog up to day with DataSkins:

WHEN OBJECT ADDED CALL Catalog.catalog_object(self, 


Catalog.catalog_object(self, _.string.join(self.getPhysicalPath(),'/'))

The problem (I think) is DataSkins and CatalogAware, which don't mix.


>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Chris> Hello,

    Chris> I've read that ZPatterns and ZCatalog don't interact too
    Chris> well and I was wondering if this is also true of the new
    Chris> ZPatterns release. I might be looking to move something to
    Chris> ZPatterns so that it can get all benefits of Zope's
    Chris> security system and things like the Catalog, obviously if
    Chris> the Catalog doesn't work with ZPatterns, that's a bit of a
    Chris> problem :-S

    Chris> On a related note, has anyone thought of using MySQL's new
    Chris> full text searching to implement the Catalog interface? Has
    Chris> anyone thought of or actually made the Catalog stuff into
    Chris> an interface so people can implement other options to
    Chris> ZCatalog?

    Chris> cheers,

    Chris> Chris

    Chris> PS: Is there a ZPatterns demo/tutorial around anywhere? How
    Chris> should I start getting into ZPatterns? What should I read?
    Chris> Where should I start?  (The four most common ZPatterns
    Chris> FAQ's if I'm not mistaken ;-)

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